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Compete against Wreck-It Ralph in Fix-It Felix Jr.

The game from Wreck-It Ralph is now yours to play for free in Fix-It Felix Jr.

Step into the World of Wreck-It Ralph

Anyone who has seen the popular Wreck-It Ralph films from Disney will remember that the title character was shown co-starring in a video game called Fix-It Felix Jr. With this free game, players will be able to play Fix-It Felix Jr. themselves. Ralph is smashing up an apartment block, and it is your job as Fix-It Felix Jr to dodge the falling bricks and repair the broken windows. The controls are simple, with left and right to hop from window to window, Z to jump, and X to repair window.

A throwback to 80s arcade classics

While based on the Wreck-It Ralph films, the game's true roots are in the world of 1980s arcade classics: players will recognize elements from Donkey Kong and Rampage. The graphics, sound effects, and music are all designed to replicate the feel of 8-bit games, just like Leps World and Mario Builder, while at the same time capturing the personality of the films. The movies themselves were homages to a bygone age of video games, and this tie-in game follows suit.

Simple but accessible

Some may find the game a little basic, but players who appreciate the classics should have fun with this title.

A treat for fans

Fans of the Wreck-It Ralph films and 1980s arcade games, should find something to enjoy in Fix-It Felix Jr. While the gameplay and graphics are simple, it does a good job of catching the spirit of both the films themselves and the games that influenced them.


  • Easy to understand gameplay.
  • True to the films.
  • Graphics capture the feel of 1980s games.
  • Appropriate for all ages.


  • Certain parts of the game are fiddly.
  • Portrait-format display is inconvenient on some devices.
  • Gameplay is limited.
  • Sound and music can become annoying.


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Fix-It Felix Jr.


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